About Me


I’m a professional editor and writing consultant with over a decade of experience working with many different kinds of writers (including a few who wouldn’t call themselves writers) to meet their writing and publishing goals. I’m also a published writer and interdisciplinary researcher, and former university instructor. I hold a PhD in English and cultural studies from the University of Alberta. I was Canada’s first postdoctoral fellow in community service-learning, also at the U of A. I’m currently based in Montréal, Canada, but I work with clients all around the world.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently been invited to be the in-house writing consultant for the University of Washington’s International Policy Institute Arctic Initiative (that’s me in the parka!) and a guest instructor and writing consultant for the University of Washington’s 2020 Transnational Task Force on the Arctic. (Pretty cool, right? Har har.)

Got a question (or complaint about my puns)? Drop me a line: joanne.muzak@gmail.com

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